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What are $YANG Bucks?

$YANG Bucks is the latest meme coin, created in support of Andrew Yang.  You can view the ERC20 contract below.

Why did you make this?

  • Our goal is to create a fun meme coin in support of Andrew Yang while spreading crypto adoption to all #yanggang.

  • Get Andrew Yang to be more pro crypto, make it a larger part of his platform, get it discussed in the debates, and #FREEROSS

Current Bounties

If you would like to submit your work for a bounty please join our Telegram group and ask for an admin who will take your submission and forward to the team. Final decisions on the winners will be made by our team.


Create official $YANG coin logo


Create a digital $YANG hat (similar to the viral pink hat but with $YANG branding and website)


Twitter Tip Bot 


Create a $YANG telegram sticker pack


Create new Yangtoshi Twitter avi and header


  Twitch Tip Bot

Learn more about Andrew Yang

For those unfamiliar, this appearance on Joe Rogan sums it up nicely.


Yang Bucks

Become an early adopter and one of the first to receive your $YANG monthly via smart contract.


All Day

This is your future when you sign up and #securethebag.


How it works?

It doesn’t get any more simple.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this token have a theme song?2019-03-22T02:05:23+00:00

Yes.  This is our official anthem.


You said the tokens were sent, but I don’t see them in my ethereum wallet?2019-03-22T02:00:15+00:00

You will need to add $YANG as a custom token, which can vary by wallet, but you will need to enter some basic info from the ERC20 contract, which you can view here.

How do I receive my $YANG?2019-03-22T02:00:03+00:00

You will need to have an ethereum address, which is easy to sign up for. We recommend MyEtherWallet or Metamask for beginners.

Was there an ICO?2019-03-22T02:05:36+00:00


Which exchanges is $YANG listed on?2019-03-22T02:03:43+00:00

Its only listed on TokenJar as of this writing

I didn’t sign up for round 1 or round 2, is it too late?2019-03-22T02:03:51+00:00

No there will be many more opportunities, follow on Twitter or join our Telegram chat to find out about the latest opportunities.

Why haven’t I received an email?2019-03-22T02:03:59+00:00

Round 1 emails have already been sent, if you have not filled out the form included in that email, please do so ASAP so we can send your $YANG. Round 2 is still open, emails will be sent out upon completion of the round. Please note, there are no confirmation emails sent out after you sign up.

How do I check how many referrals I had?2019-03-22T02:04:08+00:00

There will be a pink button on the bottom right of the website after you sign up where you can click to check referrals. If you don’t see it, try navigating to the site from the same device/browser that you signed up from.

When does Round 2 finish?2019-03-22T02:04:14+00:00

Round 2 will be over when we reach 5,000 subscribers for the round or on April 1st, whichever comes first.

When will tokens be distributed?2019-03-22T02:04:18+00:00

Tokens for Round 1 will start being distributed over the next several days and everyone should receive them by April 1, 2019. Round 2 is still ongoing and no tokens for that round will be sent out until its over.

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