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What are $YANG Bucks?

Yang Bucks is the worlds first vaporwave inspired token, created to support the meme’ing of Andrew Yang into the presidency. We’re developing a modular token that will allow nation states to distribute a Universal Basic Income on the blockchain.  In short, we’re a meme token with a purpose.

Why was this token made?

  • Our goal is to create a fun meme token in support of Andrew Yang while spreading crypto and universal basic income adoption.

  • Get Andrew Yang to be more pro crypto, make it a larger part of his platform, get it discussed in the debates, and #FREEROSS

Learn more about Andrew Yang

20% of $YANG tokens are reserved to help get Yang elected.  We will make announcements in the near future regarding community voting of how to best help Yang get elected using these funds, whether its memes or buying television or social media ads, etc.


Yang Bucks

20% (200 million) of all $Yang will be reserved for helping get Andrew Yang elected as President.


Sign Ups

On our website in less than two months!

ROADMAP Q2: 2019

Monetary policy enacted for early adopters with a UBI pilot program.

  • Release social media tipbots.

  • Complete coin logo and additional visual assets & memes.

  • $Yangbassadors program launched.

ROADMAP Q 3 : 2019

Testnet launch

  • Continued growth of UBI pilot program

  • New exchanges added

  • DAO/foundation to collectively decide how to deploy $Yang in support of the presidential candidate.

  • Ramp up $Yang meme bounties in support of the campaign;

ROADMAP Q 4 2019

Mainnet goes live, complete token swap.

  • Outreach to countries and regions for UBI pilot program.

  • Start deploying funds from $Yang foundation in support of the campaign.


Yang wins the meme war & is elected President (hopefully due at least in some small part to $Yang.)

  • Full time meme Director + media campaign launched; funded by $Yang and voted on through the community in the leadup to the election.


Once President Yang’s UBI takes affect, we will have launched a working example of a crypto based Universal Basic Income & successful distribution model and will use remaining funds from the foundation to lobby President Yang to distribute UBI  on our blockchain.

  • If Yang does not become President, the remaining tokens allocated to helping him get elected will be directed towards projects and organizations that further the implementation of the  Universal Basic Income. 

How it works?

It doesn’t get any more simple.  


FOUNDER, Business Development & Marketing

Christopher Franko

FOUNDER, Chief Technical Officer

Trained as a full-stack software engineer, Christopher has developed a wide range of innovative projects, from web and mobile apps to decentralized autonomous organizations and everything in between, including Expanse. Christopher was one of blockchain’s earliest adopters and possesses a deep understanding and expert-level knowledge of the industry. He’s also a passionate believer in decentralization, lifelong learning and individual empowerment.


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